Business NZ Council

The BusinessNZ Council, BusinessNZ’s governance body, guides and contributes to policy development formulated through consultation with thousands of member businesses.

BusinessNZ Council 2022

The BusinessNZ Council is made up of representatives of the four regional organisations’ governance councils.

(Front L–R)
Andrew Hunt, President EMA, Vice President BusinessNZ
Leeann Watson, Chief Executive Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce
Vaughan Renner, President BusinessNZ, President Business Central
Kirk Hope, Chief Executive BusinessNZ
Virginia Nicholls, Chief Executive Otago Southland Employers’ Association

(Middle L–R)
Andrew Leys, President Otago Southland Employers’ Association
John Milford, Chief Executive Business Central
David Welsh, Board Member EMA
Margaret Gracie, Board Member EMA
Andrew Logie, Board Member Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce

(Back L–R)
Benjamin Badger, Board Member Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce
Adele Rose, Board Member Business Central
Brett O’Riley, Chief Executive EMA

Jugdis Parbhu, Board Member EMA
Sara Lunam, Board Member EMA
Jo Healey, Board Member, Business Central