Data good for students, economy

BusinessNZ says data on employment outcomes will help students make good career choices.

Tertiary education institutions will soon be required to publish data on whether their graduates got jobs and how much they are earning, broken down by specific qualifications.

BusinessNZ says this is a welcome addition to other information provision now happening in the tertiary sector.

“In a rapidly changing economy students need timely information about what and where to study to gain in-demand skills,” said BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly.

“This kind of information will help improve transitions from education to employment and will help businesses better meet their skill needs, while facilitating innovation in the economy.

“BusinessNZ endorses the good work occurring in the information area. The challenge is now to make sure it all comes together from the perspective of users.”

Contact: Phil O’Reilly 04 4966552 or Kathryn Asare 021 555 744


14 Sep, 2015

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