Infrastructure planning endorsed but more work needed

Infrastructure planning endorsed but more work needed

BusinessNZ says the Government’s National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) is a useful compilation of current and planned infrastructure investment that will allow the public and the private sector to keep track of Government’s strategic aims in this area. However, there is still considerably more effort needed before New Zealand has an outcome that works for both business, Government and other interested parties.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly said infrastructure was of vital interest to the investing sector.

“It is helpful to have a sense of the priority rankings (broadband, electricity, roads, infrastructure for the Rugby World Cup) and to know that more work on the electricity market and agricultural irrigation are emerging priorities.

“But unlocking private sector involvement requires a commitment to address the problems within a clear, long-lived, strategic framework.

“Fundamental to any infrastructure plan is the extent to which it unlocks private sector capital, either in the delivery of infrastructure or in capital that will leverage off infrastructure spend. However it’s hard to see what role the NIP in its current form will play in contributing to these objectives.

“It’s good to have a plan. At this stage it’s a work in progress and BusinessNZ and its members are looking forward to working with the Government to build on it.”

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2 Mar, 2010

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