Innovation in trade strategy

Innovation in trade strategy

Innovation in trade strategy

New Zealand’s trade agenda is well oriented for achieving more innovative and diversified exports, says BusinessNZ.

Commenting on the Government’s Trade Agenda 2030, BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope said the focus was on helping more exporters serve more markets with ever-improving products and services.

“Exporters’ achievements in growing markets have been impressive, aided by supportive Government policy and regulatory settings.

“Changes in the trade environment over recent years have included growth in global value chains, digital business and the ongoing merging of manufacturing and services. These require a fresh approach to policy.

“The agenda aims to increase the number of Kiwi businesses getting into global value chains, exporting digital products and services, and adding value to manufactured products through service offerings.

“Business can take confidence from this focus on innovative exports in Trade Agenda 2030,” Mr Hope said.




24 Mar, 2017

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