New Government should look to skills

New Government should look to skills

New Government should look to skills

BusinessNZ wants to see New Zealand’s new Government focus harder on skill shortages.

Chief Executive Kirk Hope says it’s a key issue that causing problems in many parts of the economy.

“Employers are having difficulty filling jobs with suitably skilled people, and this is holding back construction of new housing in Auckland.

“Employers in many other parts of the country are having difficulty filling jobs in tourism, hospitality, faming and other occupations, again because of a lack of candidates with suitable skills.

“The need to diversify our export products is similarly hindered by a shortage of technical and other skills.

“The new Government – whatever colour it is – should focus on achieving better outcomes from our education and training system. Incentivising more technical, practical and trades training and more science, tech and maths education should be a priority.

“It should also recognise that our growing economy requires people with the right skills now, and that a sensible intake of skilled migrants is required over at least the short term.

“The strong economy that voters are seeking depends on the skills of our people, and a Government that is focused on providing those needed skills would be of great service to the country,” Kirk Hope said.




22 Sep, 2017

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