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ILO worst cases

Your work your way

BusinessNZ has launched a nationwide campaign ‘Your Work, Your Way’, calling on Kiwis to reject compulsory FPAs, and stand up for their right to negotiate their own working conditions and pay...

ILO worst cases

BusinessNZ says no

BusinessNZ says no BusinessNZ has confirmed that it will not accept payments included in the Fair Pay Agreements Bill introduced to Parliament today.Under the terms of the Bill, BusinessNZ would be...

ILO worst cases

NZ economy: crosscurrents of risk

NZ economy: crosscurrents of risk The BusinessNZ Planning Forecast reveals rising international and domestic risks, making business planning uncertain and fraught.The Forecast for the March 2022...

ILO worst cases

Major gains from FTA

Major gains from FTA New Zealand is set to make major gains with the new free trade agreement with the UK, BusinessNZ says.The FTA, expected to be in force by the end of 2022, will remove almost all...

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