NZ 2011 event to prepare NZ business

NZ 2011 event to prepare NZ business

New Zealand 2011 is an event on October 22nd that will present what’s happening throughout the country during RWC 2011 to make sure New Zealand businesses know how to get involved.

“Many of the 85,000 plus international visitors expected next year for the rugby will be interested in connecting up with other business people,” said BusinessNZ CEO Phil O’Reilly.

“We’ve brought together the key contacts and best networks to coach your business through next year’s Rugby World Cup tournament.

“New Zealand 2011 will show how businesses can leverage opportunities, networks and alliances well beyond the games,” Mr O’Reilly said.

Leon Grice, Director of NZ 2011 Ltd, said “We’re really pleased with the way business in New Zealand is awake to the opportunities presented by RWC 2011. The challenge for us now is turning this interest into long-lasting benefits for this country.”

The October 22nd event is a partnership between business and government to build the skills, networks and industry scale to make an impression on international markets.

“It’s not just about 48 games of rugby but about creating a legacy to sustain our businesses and brands for years to come,” Phil O’Reilly said.

The NZ 2011 programme is to feature:

  • Briefings from the tournament and the festival with organisers with options and opportunities for your business.
  • A series of workshops focusing on New Zealand’s separate regions. These will present the contacts and networks in each local area, and the chance to become a part of them.
  • A series of industry workshops to alert you in advance about the issues and answers for your business.
  • A step by step guide on how businesses can use NZ 2011 to create legacy orders after the World Cup is over.

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31 Aug, 2010

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