Self-isolation removal good move by Government

Self-isolation removal good move by Government

Removing self-isolation requirements for fully vaccinated international travellers is the right move by Government, says BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope.

“It is a challenging time at the moment as New Zealanders adapt to Omicron in the community, however international travellers do not add significantly to the risk while the community outbreak is widespread.  It is good to see the Government responding appropriately to the changing risk profile of Covid, and sending a message to the world that we look forward to welcoming back international skills and talent, and New Zealanders who have been unable to make it home,” says Mr Hope.

“We look forward to Government moving faster on the timelines to be able to bring in non-New Zealand citizens as the next iteration of responding to the current global situation, and recognising that international mobility is critical to New Zealand’s economic success.”




28 Feb, 2022

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