Vocational pathways fill educational need

Vocational pathways fill educational need

Vocational pathways launched today fill a clear educational need, says BusinessNZ.

The pathways have been designed to help clarify for young people how to get from junior secondary school through to desired work or study destinations, combining academic with technical and career education.

The pathways relate to manufacturing and technology, primary industries, services, construction, and social services.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says employers have been concerned for some time about young people failing to gain relevant skills at school, leaving them unable to compete in the job market and ill prepared for further learning.

“For many young people it has not been clear that they need to take certain standards in order to pursue their desired career, and they have found themselves having collected credits but with no meaningful pathways to further learning and jobs.

“Not having clarity about which subjects are required for certain career paths is very unhelpful, and employers are strongly supportive of better signposted vocational pathways.

“Vocational pathways is an excellent use of the NCEA that does not require major change to the system, but redefines how that system can be used more successfully.”




27 Jun, 2012

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