Major Companies Group Gold (MCG Gold)

BusinessNZ’s MCG Gold ensures New Zealand’s medium-sized companies are heard in policy, business and economic debate.

The MCG Gold is a class of membership designed for companies with turnover of $40–$130m, with ambitious growth plans or those wanting better connections.

MCG Gold is aimed at providing for its members the best political and regulatory engagement, networking and advocacy, both regionally and nationally.

As a member of the MCG Gold, companies gain connections and influence in policy, business and economic debate. Members become part of a powerful collective voice within BusinessNZ, whose strength is its diversity across the economy.

Member Benefits

  • Access to specialised forums, including Ministers, MPs and key officials
  • Opportunity to engage and the ability to influence the political and regulatory business network
  • Opportunities to contribute to research and policy development
  • Specialist independent policy advice
  • Regulatory updates

Areas of Engagement

MCG Gold Members are provided with a range of areas of engagement. Events include:

Corporate Affairs and Regulatory Forum

  • Senior Managers meet five times a year to hear from Government Ministers and key Government officials about issues that are emerging or constraining the economy.
  • This forum will be solutions based with opportunities to provide two-way feedback and ideas for how to improve current economic situations.
Human Capital Forum (includes Employment Relations, Skills and Health & Safety)
  • This demand-based forum is invaluable for ensuring companies and officials stay on track around changes to employment relations and other related policies. It also provides an important connection for businesses and employers to keep officials informed about changing needs for skills, education and training in the workforce.
  • Members will work with officials by providing advice to ensure better outcomes are achieved, with initial and medium to long-term goals set and actioned.
Infrastructure Prioritisation and Investment Forum
  • The ‘big end of town’ meets regularly with Treasury’s infrastructure unit to discuss its planning and prioritisation.
  • This is an opportunity, twice a year, to provide further input and understand the various national and regional priorities and thinking behind them.
BusinessNZ Cocktail Party – every February
  • This is the biggest annual networking/connecting event held in Wellington. Over 500 business people meet with MPs (from every party) and key officials over drinks and canapés for a back-to-work connecting function.
Heads of Mission Meeting
  • Each year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT) brings back to New Zealand its Ambassadors and Heads of Mission who work on behalf of NZ Inc/businesses exporting and operating around the world.
  • These representatives provide insight and updates on each region, the politics, the economics, issues, opportunities and changing trends in those markets.
Prime Ministers Pre-Budget Address
  • The PM or Deputy Prime Minister talks to business about the themes in the budget. Features a powerful mix of business leaders and key government officials.
Engagement with Political Leaders
  • Several times each year we invite the leaders of the main political parties to engage with members and companies over canapes and refreshments. This is popular with most companies purely for relationship building and issues management.
  • We also run some private dinners with business leaders, officials and Ministers on a demand basis.
Prime Minister’s Update to Business
  • A December lunch looking back over the last 12 months and then forward. Attracts an “A” list business audience plus movers and shakers in Auckland and throughout New Zealand
  • BusinessNZ runs short workshops on manufacturing, exporting and sustainability throughout the year.
Private Dinners
  • are hosted in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Hamilton, New Plymouth and Invercargill every seven weeks. These dinners are for up to 15 CEOs or senior executives and provide an opportunity to talk about their business and the regional and national economy with a senior Minister or Ministers, or senior opposition MPs. Note: Other forums occur during the year based on issues and demand. Regional forums in both Auckland and Wellington are also held by co-operation between BusinessNZ, EMA in Auckland, and Business Central in Wellington.