ESR is the CRI that plays a critical national role in public health and forensics, and is a key contributor to environment and biosecurity outcomes. The services we provide through our expertise in health, forensic, food, water and radiation sciences allows communities to thrive and prosper.

We identify infectious diseases and we strengthen New Zealand’s pandemic and infectious disease preparedness and contribution to global pandemic readiness.

We provide world-class genomics science in the areas of wastewater testing, food genomics, antimicrobial resistance, COVID-19 and infectious disease.

We provide cutting edge forensic science analysis and toolkits to support fairness and equity in the justice system and remove drug harm.

We provide the science that detects and eliminates contamination to water and food to ensure healthy wai and kai.

As a science leader in Aotearoa New Zealand, we also recognise that mātauranga, science and research solutions are enabled by equally valuing Māori knowledge and science.

We aspire to be at the forefront of attaining the lowest possible burden of crime, environmental contamination and infectious diseases in New Zealand. Reducing inequities and improving wellbeing outcomes now and for the future are at the centre of ESR’s thinking.

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