Heartland Group Holdings Limited

Heartland Group Holdings Limited

Heartland Group Holdings Limited (NZX:HGH) is a financial services group with operations in New Zealand and Australia.

In New Zealand, Heartland Bank Limited (NZX:HBL) is a registered bank that focuses on ‘best or only’ banking products in three key markets: Household (which includes investment products, consumer lending, reverse mortgages and motor vehicle lending); Business; and Rural. In Australia, Heartland is a specialist provider of reverse mortgage loans and also provides funding to partners in the Small Business and Consumer Lending sectors.

Since first listing on the NZX Main Board in February 2011, Heartland has successfully progressed through several strategic phases, establishing itself as a specialist financial services group that is listed on both the NZX Main Board and ASX under a Foreign Exempt Listing. A corporate restructure of the Heartland group was implemented in October 2018.

Heartland's strategy includes digital distribution channels where it can provide innovative products in niche areas within the household, business and rural sectors.

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