Orion New Zealand Limited

Orion New Zealand Limited

Orion owns and operates the electricity distribution network that provides power to central Canterbury. As the third largest electricity distribution network in New Zealand, we cover remote rural areas, regional towns and the city of Christchurch.

Our network extends over 8,000 square kilometres across central Canterbury from the Waimakariri River in the north to the Rakaia River in the south. We deliver electricity to more than 211,600 homes and businesses

We realise electricity is essential to our community and we take our responsibilities seriously. This includes the provision of a safe, resilient and cost effective power supply, and the promotion of safe and efficient use of electricity.

Orion is a community owned entity with two key shareholders - the Christchurch City Council, through its subsidiary Christchurch City Holdings Ltd, and the Selwyn District Council. We aim to create value for our shareholders and we contribute significantly to the economic success of our region.

Connetics Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orion with a focus on construction and maintenance of substations, overhead and underground lines and associated equipment. It also operates an equipment supply and distribution business, and provides engineering design and consultancy services.

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