New Zealand Steel

New Zealand Steel

New Zealand Steel has been producing steel for almost 50 years. Located in Glenbrook, South of Auckland, this BlueScope Steel company uses ironsand, lime and coal to produce around 600,000 tonnes of steel per year for both domestic and export markets.

Slabs are rolled and on-sold or further-processed into products such as hollow sections, galvanised steel, ZINCALUME® steel and COLORSTEEL® steel.

New Zealand Steel contributes around 1% of New Zealand's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and provides employment for 1000 people and around 200 semi-permanent contractors. It is estimated a further five-to-seven jobs are created in the broader community for each job at New Zealand Steel.

One of the first New Zealand companies to set up an environmental laboratory in the 1970s, New Zealand Steel takes its environmental responsibilities on sustainable manufacturing seriously. Around 82% of what was once considered waste from the operations is now used in a range of applications, like aggregates which are used for road surfacing, drainage and grit for filtering.

New Zealand Steel is a major contributor to the local community through a number of programmes and by providing undergraduate scholarships to support engineering students with an interest in careers in New Zealand's heavy industry. The scholarship includes paid work at New Zealand Steel during each summer vacation, for up to four years.

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