Suncorp New Zealand* provides insurance and financial services to New Zealanders via our local brands, Vero Insurance and Asteron Life, and our joint ventures with the New Zealand Automobile Association, AA Insurance and AA Life.

Our purpose is to create a better today for all our stakeholders. This means we help them live the life they want now, and plan for the life they want tomorrow.

Our vision is to become the number one choice for New Zealanders in the moments that matter, which is why it’s important we build a resilient business to be here for generations to come.

We share a corporate responsibility framework with our parent company, Suncorp Group, and within that framework we are working on a specific New Zealand approach to managing the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities we face as we conduct business.

Suncorp has four corporate responsibility principles:

1.Trust and Transparency – we are committed to building trust and doing the right thing. We are open and transparent in our dealings with stakeholders.
2.Responsible Financial Services – we put our customers at the heart of everything we do and help them make good choices. We provide customers with access to affordable financial services that meet their needs.
3.Sustainable Growth – we seek to innovate and optimise economic, social and environmental outcomes through our business and value chain.
4.Resilient People and Communities – we respect human rights and invest in the wellbeing and resilience of our people and communities. We are there for our people and our communities in times of need.

We’re here to create a better today for all New Zealanders. We’re here for good.

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