Mitsui & Co

Mitsui & Co

Mitsui & Co NZ Limited offer varied services over different industries.

Ensuring a secure and stable supply mineral and metal resources, and promoting the recycling business for a sustainable and circular economy.

Pursuing a stable supply of energy through a value chain business spanning upstream to downstream.

A global player in the LNG/natural gas business and environmental business.

Pursuing a unique, multifaceted, and flexible approach to develop and deliver industrial solutions for global climate change, bringing together the knowledge, business foundations, and customer and partner base of Mitsui & Co.’s diverse business fields.

Developing infrastructure projects globally that help create better lives.

Leveraging Mitsui's comprehensive capabilities to strengthen business models and create new added value, anticipating and
responding to changes in the mobility services area.
Promoting the development of transport infrastructure in the marine, aviation, aerospace and railway fields in harmony with the global environment, utilizing new technologies and networks with global business partners.

Supporting the foundation of industry and the stable supply of materials, and using the power of chemistry to create value and help solve the challenges faced by society.

Developing diversified businesses utilizing the functionality of materials to bring sustainable prosperity to people’s lives.

Engaging in a wide range of businesses broadly covering the food and chemicals areas.

Leveraging the power of steel and other materials to create products and services that anticipate industry challenges and potential needs of customers.

Engaged in the production, accumulation, marketing, manufacturing, and processing of food resources and products, we are working to develop our global business base and provide safe and reliable foods to the world.

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