Transport for the long-term

The Government’s policy statement on transport indicates a long-term vision, BusinessNZ says.

BusinessNZ Advocacy Director Catherine Beard said the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Land Transport showed a sound approach to funding and appropriate long-term thinking.

“The GPS indicates a longer-term intention to move away from fuel taxes, towards a universal road user charge enabled by technology – a realistic and fairer approach to funding road infrastructure.   

“Also welcome is the Government’s readiness to consider international funds that want to invest in infrastructure for long-term investment returns.”

Catherine Beard said well-funded, durable transport systems were vital for New Zealand’s future productivity and wealth.

“Sound transport systems will be vital for our future prosperity, and it is pleasing to see the Government’s far-sighted approach towards infrastructure planning.”

Catherine Beard said BusinessNZ was focused on a longer-term vision for New Zealand and was developing a green paper on New Zealand’s future, We’re all in this together.

5 Mar, 2024

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