BIAC on the launch of the OECD’s Economic Outlook 2015 Report

BIAC on the launch of the OECD’s Economic Outlook 2015 Report

Paris: “Tackling the constraints to investment will be essential to accelerating growth and jobs”, commented Bernhard Welschke, BIAC Secretary-General, on the release of the latest OECD Economic Outlook.

Results from the 2015 BIAC Business Climate Survey reveal business perspectives on factors holding back investment and jobs in OECD and emerging economies. The findings contribute to the OECD Economic Outlook.

The responses suggest that investment is being held back by constraints such as taxation and other costs to business, policy uncertainty, regulatory burden, insufficient demand, and inadequate financing.

Nearly half of respondents to the BIAC 2015 Business Climate Survey report worsening investment conditions in their respective countries in the past 1 to 2 years. Close to two-thirds expect no change in the coming year.

“The responses reflect business concerns about a prolonged period of weak investment in many economies, unless decisive policy actions can be taken” added Jonny Greenhill, BIAC Policy Director.

The 2015 BIAC Business Climate Survey was carried out from March to April 2015. Respondents consisted of leading national business and employer organizations in OECD countries and a number of emerging markets.

The Synthesis Report is available here.

For more information, contact Maud Garnier Bourrelly, BIAC Communications Director.




3 Jun, 2015

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