Boost for infrastructure decision making

Boost for infrastructure decision making

BusinessNZ has welcomed the planned establishment of a new independent infrastructure body.

Chief Executive Kirk Hope says New Zealand needs to get systematically better at matching infrastructure demand with its delivery.

“For too long our planning and delivery cycles have been mismatched with periods of rapid growth and slow-downs.  Once more we find ourselves in a period of rapid growth with infrastructure failing to keep pace.

“The Government’s approach is timely.  Consultation on the form and focus of the new body will help us achieve optimal outcomes.

“BusinessNZ recommends the new body should be focused on strategy, planning and support for project delivery.

“We need a strategic approach to defining our infrastructure needs and a centralised agency to provide standardised contracts and funding expertise to help reduce the costs of delivery.

“The new body needs to take a strategic long term view, based on alternative future possibilities, to ensure our infrastructure is resilient and fit-for-purpose.

“Our insight from the energy scenarios work done by the BusinessNZ Energy Council is that we simply do not know the future, and to get resilient policy and investment decisions we need to be open to different futures playing out.

“We would hope for an infrastructure body that contributes to integrated procurement and investment decision-making, gives business the confidence to invest in people and equipment, and will result in long-lasting, high quality infrastructure for New Zealand.”




8 Oct, 2018

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