BusinessNZ launches ground-breaking new website for manufacturers

BusinessNZ launches ground-breaking new website for manufacturers

BusinessNZ is today launching a new online resource specially designed to help manufacturing businesses in New Zealand to raise their game. A key initial feature allows manufacturers to search R&D, prototype work and business services being carried out in the country’s Universities and Polytechnics for the first time all through one website:

Chief Executive of BusinessNZ Phil O’Reilly says this is a first in New Zealand and will be a key tool to help build the capability of manufacturers and help them take on the world.

“Over time, the aim is to make this website the number one resource for New Zealand manufacturers. We’ll be continually keeping abreast of manufacturers’ needs and adding ever more useful features to the site.”

Executive Director of Manufacturing at BusinessNZ, Catherine Beard, says that apart from the new search functions, manufacturing businesses will find a lot of other useful resources on the website, designed specifically for them.

“Like any website, it will be a work of continuous improvement, but our goal is for it to be a one-stop-shop for NZ Manufacturers.

“We’re very pleased to be working with some key players in the tertiary education sector – in particular Massey University and Innovating New Zealand1 – who’ve helped create a searchable database of R&D. The aim here is to make the commercialisation of innovation easier and quicker.”

Programme Director of the School of Engineering & Advanced Technology at Massey University, Jane Goodyer, has led the university contingent that brings together people, knowledge, equipment and education to a ‘NZ Inc’ approach.

“The universities are keen to be involved in the R&D activities of NZ industry and our capability is now accessible at the click of a button.”

Phil Ker, CEO of Otago Polytechnic, one of the lead institutes in Innovating New Zealand, sees the collaboration as a further example of the polytechnic sector’s commitment to a deeper engagement with industry.

“The website provides greater transparency of some of the capabilities and services polytechnics nationally have developed for manufacturers.”

For more information:
Catherine Beard, BusinessNZ (04) 496 6560 or 027 463 3212
Stephanie Moakes, BusinessNZ (04) 496 6554 or 021 959 831

1 Innovating New Zealand is a consortium of six metropolitan polytechnics which will be rolled out to the regional polytechnics in 2011.




7 Jul, 2010

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