Drug testing policy will help make jobseekers more work-ready

Drug testing policy will help make jobseekers more work-ready

Pre-employment drug testing in industries where it is warranted will help increase the work-readiness of jobseekers coming off benefits, says BusinessNZ.

Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says the decision to require all jobseekers in those industries – whether on a benefit or not – to be tested is fair.

“The new policy will be good for those workplaces where there is a drug testing regime in place. It is not singling out beneficiaries, but is ensuring equality for all.

“All workers on those sites currently need to be subject to testing and be drug-free, and new employees coming off a benefit will not be treated any differently.

“This requirement will also help those currently on a benefit to become more employable.

“A safe workplace is every worker’s right – this is the fundamental reason for drug testing. It is good that the policy is to be applied consistently.

“Of course drug testing forms only part of the process of getting beneficiaries ready for work. We hope the Government continues to address the issue of ensuring everyone has sufficient literacy, numeracy and technical skills required for the modern workplace.”

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28 Aug, 2012

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