Get ready for $2.16 trillion opportunity New Zealand exporters

Get ready for $2.16 trillion opportunity New Zealand exporters

ExportNZ says today’s announcement that New Zealand has the green light to enter the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) is a great opportunity for Kiwi exporters.

It congratulates the Government on such a positive result following two years of negotiations, and looks forward to seeing New Zealand’s accession to the Agreement.

Catherine Beard, Executive Director of ExportNZ says,”Entering this Agreement will open up opportunities all over the world for Kiwi firms, reducing costs and putting businesses on a more equal footing.

“International businesses can already compete for New Zealand government contracts as we’re such an open trading nation, but with this Agreement in place this type of open access will be reciprocated. Kiwi firms will be able to bid for foreign government contracts, worth US $1.7 trillion a year and growing, from right here in New Zealand.

“This is a huge opportunity for Kiwi firms currently participating in these foreign supply chains. Now is the time for those and other businesses to also think about raising their capabilities to be ready and able to compete in those big overseas tenders.”

Contact: Catherine Beard 027 463 3212 or Stephanie Moakes021 959 831




30 Oct, 2014

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