Greens employment policy would mean less jobs

Greens employment policy would mean less jobs

The Greens’ employment policy would mean less jobs, says BusinessNZ.

Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says the Greens’ proposal to raise minimum wages, remove youth rates, require redundancy packages for all workers and remove trial periods would significantly add to the costs and risks of employing.

“Everyone agrees that we need more good jobs. To create good jobs we need healthy, successful enterprises.

“Unfortunately, the Greens’ employment policy released today would be a recipe for fewer jobs.

“The most vulnerable employees would be most likely to lose from this policy, as the increased cost and risk of employing would cause enterprises to think twice about employing any but the most qualified, experienced and proven candidates.

“The Greens’ policy has overlooked the vital role played by enterprises in creating employment.”

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2 Sep, 2014

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