Health & safety improving – survey

Health & safety improving – survey

New health and safety legislation is helping businesses become safer, but more work is still needed, says BusinessNZ.

Deloitte has surveyed a range of New Zealand businesses to find what has changed since the passing of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

The survey shows half the businesses surveyed say they are safer because of the reforms, more people in the workplace are involved in health and safety, and more effort is going into controlling risks.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope said the survey vindicates the approach in the new legislation of requiring engagement by everyone in the workplace and focusing on managing risks.

“The survey indicates that more debate around health and safety is happening at Board level, as well as among management and workers. This is positive because the Act requires Boards to be proactive in their governance of health and safety, however only half of the Boards surveyed are taking a proactive approach and about a third simply wait for management to raise health and safety issues.

“There may also be a concern about costs borne by small businesses in coping with the requirements of the Act in managing health and safety risks connected with their suppliers and clients.

“The survey indicates that most businesses are achieving better health and safety because of the Act, but with some aspects of health and safety management still requiring improvement.”

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2 Jul, 2018

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