Industry training changes welcomed

Industry training changes welcomed

Changes to industry training announced today are moves in the right direction, says BusinessNZ.

Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly said in many sectors, skills are both a major competitive advantage and a key constraint.

“Employers consistently voice their need for quality, relevant skills and these changes will help deliver this.

“High expectations around the completion of qualifications will help achieve higher skills in the workforce. More clarity around the function of Industry Training Organisations is also welcome.

“More ability for learners to move between workplace based and non-workplace based training will contribute to the goal of a seamless education and training system.

“And greater support for all apprentices will be a positive addition to industry training.

“It will be important for the Government to continue to consult with business and employers as the detail around these moves is developed,” Mr O’Reilly said.




1 Aug, 2012

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