Migration rules a sign of progress

Migration rules a sign of progress

Migrationrules a sign of progress

Changes to ImmigrationNZ’s the permanent residence rules will help prioritise more highly skilledimmigrants, says BusinessNZ.

TheGovernment has announced a slight reduction in residence approvals for the nexttwo years, along with a higher points requirement for the skilled migrantscategory.

BusinessNZChief Executive Kirk Hope says it’s important that immigration settings allow theentry of skilled migrants while maintaining an overall level of migration thatworks for New Zealand.

“Increasingthe points required by skilled migrants to gain residence from 140 to 160 willhelp sharpen the annual intake towards higher skilled people.

“It ispositive that the Government has taken on board some of the concerns ofemployers regarding the skill base of those achieving permanent residencystatus.

“Employerswould also like to see more work done on sharpening the system further toensure that in-demand skills such as engineering remain a key priority – morework is needed to ensure the criteria weightings of the points under theSkilled Migrant Category deliver long term economic and social benefits to NZ.

“Today’sannouncement is an encouraging sign of progress towards a migration system thatbenefits the workforce and New Zealand generally.”




12 Oct, 2016

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