More choice in ACC welcome

More choice in ACC welcome

BusinessNZ supports the general direction of proposals outlined in the ACC discussion document released today.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly said the principles underlying the scheme were unchanged and 24-hour no-fault coverage would remain.

“Providing choice and competition in the work account will allow insurance and rehabilitation packages to better meet the needs of workplaces and their employees.

“The government does not have to be a monopoly service provider to meet its social and economic objectives,” Mr O’Reilly said.

“The ability for the private sector to take part in the workplace accident insurance market will help bring more resources and innovation to the sector, to the benefit of employees.”

BusinessNZ also welcomes the extension of the accredited employer scheme.

“This scheme allows firms to manage their claims and achieve better safety outcomes.”

Mr O’Reilly said with ACC competing against private sector insurers, it was important to ensure a level playing field for them all.

“It will be important for ACC premiums to be set in a transparent manner without political interference.

“BusinessNZ looks forward to working with Government in the consultation over policy detail.”




1 Jun, 2011

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