More to online sales than Ferrit

More to online sales than Ferrit

The demise of Ferrit may have seemed ominous for the Kiwi online sales experience, but a Buy NZ Made website is showing the concept can succeed.

The website,, launched four months ago, already has twice as many retailer participants as Ferrit had. allows manufacturers to list products that retailers elect to sell, either online or through their stores. With 2,648 products listed and 2,117 already available for sale, retailers have shown that they are keen to adopt internet communities.

“Retailers of New Zealand-made goods have shown their willingness to connect with our manufacturers and provide an effective set of options for shoppers,” says Marcia Dunnett, Director of Buy NZ Made Campaign.

“We expect the site to continue to grow as support for shopping for Kiwi-made goods grows.”

Research carried out by the Government’s Buy Kiwi Made media programme shows around 1.5 million adult New Zealanders always or often consider whether goods are New Zealand made before purchasing.

“There is a huge unmet demand out there and savvy retailers aren’t hesitating to connect to”




16 Jan, 2009

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