New Zealand’s energy system ranked fourth most secure in the world

New Zealand has been ranked fourth for energy security amongst the top 25 energy users in the world.

The International Index of Energy Security Risk is a tool designed to facilitate a better understanding of global energy markets.

Ranked alongside the 24 largest energy user countries, which account for about four fifths of total world energy demand, New Zealand has been added to the group to provide some country diversity. We rank a creditable fourth in energy security.

Norway is the most energy secure country in the large user group and has been since 2001. Mexico, Denmark, New Zealand and the UK complete the top five.

“New Zealand is punching considerably above it weight,” says Rob Whitney, Chair of the BusinessNZ Energy Council. “This result backs up New Zealand’s high ranking in the World Energy Council’s Energy Sustainability Index, which ranks countries on how well they achieve the energy ‘trilemma’ balance of energy security, energy equity (access and affordability) and environmental sustainability.

“However, good news on energy security doesn’t mean we can be complacent on the other two trilemma dimensions.

“While our Trilemma ranking is high, it is slipping. In the latest Trilemma Index results we ranked 10th out of 129 countries, down from 8th the previous year.

“This ranking is cause for celebration but policy makers need to be vigilant and constantly strive to ensure the delivery of balanced outcomes across all three dimensions.”

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24 Apr, 2015

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