Review of the Skills Shortage lists. Have your say

Is your industry or business experiencing difficulties in filling positions? Is growth of your industry or business being constrained by lack of skills?

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is about to commence its annual review of the Skill Shortage lists (formally known as the Essential Skills in Demand List).

The Ministry is calling for occupations to be added, retained, removed from the Immediate Skills Shortage List and the Long-term Skill Shortage Lists, or the movement of occupations between the lists.

A broad range of stakeholders and organisation can nominate an occupation for this review.

The completion of an Occupation Nomination form is the first step in requesting that an occupation be:

  • Added to one of the skills shortage lists
  • Removed from one of the skills shortage lists
  • Moved from one list to the other.

An Occupation Nomination Form must be lodged with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment by Friday 8 May.

Occupation Nomination Forms are available electronically here. This link also take you to an overview of the process and sets out what you need to do and when.

For those of you with occupations on the one of the skill shortage lists, familiarise yourself with the process and timing of key steps.

Search for current occupations on the Lists here if you are not sure.

The Ministry is likely to receive submissions from a wide range of stakeholders who may want to remove occupations that are important to the growth and performance of your industry or business.

The Skill Shortage Lists are reviewed and updated annually to ensure that they are responsive to changing economic and labour market conditions. Information is gathered from stakeholder submissions and this is considered alongside economic, labour market and immigration data.

The Skill Shortage lists aim to facilitate the entry of skilled and experienced migrants where there are shortages, while protecting opportunities for New Zealanders, and their terms and conditions of employment.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has a dedicated team to support the Review of the Skill Shortage Lists. If you have questions about the review or wish to receive information about the review please contact the Ministry directly:


21 Apr, 2015

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